Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rule 367: Be Born the Same Day as Your Companion

September 23, 2015


Rule 367: be born on the same day as your companion #truecompunity

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It has been so fun to read all of
them! Oh and hey it's my companion's birthday today too! It's so cool!
I woke up to cute little presents by the alarm clock today. I sticky
noted/attacked her wall with notes from friends. It's the best birthday
ever because I can focus on making her birthday awesome but she's
trying to make mine great too. It's really just been an overall great
day! The weather is perfect and we have found some great food. Tonight
for FHE the Ward is throwing us a "surprise" party. Love them!
Thursday we had Zone Training in Verona. It was a really great
training about how we are becoming the message and how we can take
what we learned at our Conference with Elder Kearon and put it into
practice. We talked a lot about other ways we can "attack the day".
Good planning is a big part of that. Also that day was both of my
companion's year mark in the mission so we brought cupcakes to

It was also really great to see my MTC companion Sorella Destribois
again. She helped give some of the training and she did a wonderful
job. She has such a pure testimony and I am so thankful I got another
chance to hear it. She really is an example to me of humility and
Thursday night we came to Bologna and I got to see Jenny again. That
was great. There was such a sweet spirit during the lesson. So the
plan was to have Jenny's baptism on Saturday but due to complications
it has been postponed for a month. I'm not really sad that I will miss it
because I know this is right. I am so thankful that I got another
chance to see Jenny. I know she will be baptized soon and I know
Sorella Yonk will take good care of her here in Bologna.
Friday was spent calling ward members, inviting them to the baptism
and then calling them all back to tell them it was cancelled. We also had a
cool miracle Friday morning. The other day a woman called the Bologna
phone and said that the missionaries had talked to her on the bus and
she wanted to meet with us. Her name is Giovanna. We met with her on
Friday and she was amazing. She had so many questions and listened.
She accepted the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.
It was just so simple. My favorite part of the whole thing was that it
was actually Sorella Distante who had found her on the bus. Missionary
work is amazing like that. We never know if someone we talk to one day
on a bus or in the street will one day months, years later call the
missionaries and be interested in learning more. Sorella Distante
worked so hard and I'm so happy to see her efforts are still affecting

Saturday night an 8 year got baptized here in Modena. It was probably
one of coolest baptisms I've ever been to. There were so many non-
members there! Edoardo had invited all of his family,  his whole class
at school and even his teachers! What a great example he is. He told
me he wanted to be baptized because he wanted to do what is right and
wanted to follow Christ. I know he is going to be a huge strength to
the church. I really believe each generation is stronger than the
next. People like Edoardo give me such hope.

Sunday we went to church in Bologna. It was really strange not to go
to Modena but it was really fun to see everyone in Bologna. I love
that ward. I came on the perfect day because Heloise (another 8 year
old) was getting baptized! Two baptisms in two days! It was absolutely

Sunday night we got a call from the office that Sorella Yonk was
getting a companion. There was a little confusion about the day. Later
we found out she was getting her companion that day! We had to book it
to the Modena apartment pack all of Sorella Yonk's things and get her
to her new comp. Thanks to very helpful members we were able to do it!
It's weird to be only two of us again, haha it's a lot quieter. It'll
be good because we didn't get to spend much time in Modena last week
so now we can get back to work here!
It was a really fun week, but I am broke from traveling! Both of my
companions ran out of money so I had to pay for lots of train tickets
this week. I'm excited for a calm week where we get to stay and work
hard in Modena. Saturday we get transfer calls so we'll see if
anything exciting happens. I really would love to stay here in Modena
my last transfer. I absolutely love this ward. I don't want to leave
them! But I know my companion doesn't want to leave either... We'll
One thing I really reflected on this week was just how simple the
Gospel is. I love everything about the gospel because it all just
comes back to one simple principle. We have a Heavenly Father who
loves us. Because He loves us we have so many blessing. No matter how hard
life gets, He loves you!

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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