Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rule 314: Eat Lots of Carrots!

Before I add Dani's letters, I have to apologize for not keeping 
this updated!  I will try to finish strong for her since she only 
has 7 weeks left!

July 7, 2015

Transfer news: Sorella Bowman is going to San Remo. Sorella  Bowman
and I got along too well, I knew she would leave. I'm sad but I'm
excited for my new companion, Sorella Besco. I have met her only once
but I have such a great feeling about this upcoming transfer.
With our iPads we have a weather app but I think I'm going to just
stop checking it because we have reached a point in the summer where
it's just HOT. The other day we were teaching a woman and she was
having such a hard time focusing because it was just so Hot. We
invited her to be baptized and she was like "yeah sure sounds good".
I'm not sure she was understanding anything but we will find out next
time we see her.

Tonight we are having a baptism for our investigator Patrizia. We are
super excited and super grateful. We had a lesson with her yesterday.
She is ready. She has changed so much in the transfer I have been
here. She is truly happy now. She has such a beautiful spirit.
She is so constant in her prayers and scripture reading. I am
thankful I am staying here in Modena to continue working with her
after her baptism.

This week was pretty rough but they always are right before a baptism.
We haven't been able to see a lot of our investigators lately. I'm
hoping with the new companion things will pick up again. We DID get to
see our investigator that I talked about a couple weeks ago who has
health problems but is super brave. She goes into a very crucial
surgery tomorrow but she has such great faith. I didn't realize the
surgery was so risky for a long time because she doesn't seem nervous
at all she just trusts God and if she dies that is just part of God's
plan for her (that is literally what she told us). We should know on
Monday how she is doing but I will be praying all week for her.

I'm sorry for a short email but with transfers, baptism prep, AND we
had to go to the immigration office today to renew my permesso, we are
running short on time. Haha I feel like I have different excuse every
week of why email time got cut short again... Just know that I love
you all, the Lord loves you, and life is possible with just a little
bit of faith,

Vi Voglio tanto bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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