Thursday, September 18, 2014

Funerals! Baptisms! Transfers! Oh my!

Jasmin was baptized on Saturday!! Sorella Jarvis felt the adversary fighting against this baptism all week, especially Saturday. Because Firenze is pretty far for our branch members, most of them couldn't make it, including the two members we asked to give talks. The anziani were great though and offered to the do the talks. The biggest miracle is that Jasmin didn't feel the tension at all! Right before the baptism she said she felt sick, and we were scared she was getting nervous. But when we asked her what was wrong she said that she had never felt so full of happiness before, it was literally making her sick. The baptism really affected her mom as well. She said it was amazing to watch Jasmin come out of the water! Jasmin brought with her some cousins and another one of our investigators.  She was going to bring two more aunts but the van was full and Firenze is just so far from Arezzo.  Jasmin is an amazing example and I know she is really going to help the work in this area. She wasn't confirmed Sunday, because her mom could't come but she will be this Sunday.

I think I can say with assurance that Saturday was the craziest day of my whole life. First off, I dressed someone for burial at 7am. It was the first time I have seen a dead person, let alone touched one.  I can't believe I did it!  If you know me at all, I don't do medical things -: blood, shots, nothing!  My companion was having a really hard time because we had actually visited the women a few days earlier. I know I was blessed with strength to be able to overcome my fears so I could help. Now everyone in Relief Society thinks I should be a doctor... haha sooo not happening!!!! However the experience ended up being really great and made me really appreciate the Plan of Salvation. It wasn't a a sad experience which was really cool.  Afterwards we headed straight to Firenze to prepare for the baptism. On the train we got a call from President.  Sorella Jarvis is heading to Rimini tonight to be Sister Training Leader and my new companion is Sorella Russell who only has one transfer left. I will meet her tomorrow and I am super excited. This means I will most likely be in Montevarchi for two more transfers and I am so excited about that! 

As far as the baptism, a lot of things fell through last minute but it was a good experience for Jasmin, and that is all that is important. She really is one of the most elect young women I have ever met! President Dibb always says our little branch has the best young women. It is so true!

Well I am hoping this next week will be a little calmer, but either way I am excited for things coming up. This work is amazing!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes already!!! 

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rule 27: Sing Often!

MIRACLES: The same simp I wrote about last week, Meri, came to church this past Sunday!  She told us she wasn't going to make it but then she just showed up with her two year old daughter and her daughter Michel who got baptized last year! It was such a great day. In Gospel Principles we invited a member to the lesson. It was so great. Meri connected to her instantly and the spirit was so string during the lesson. I am hoping to have this member come to more lessons with Meri because they live near each other (which is another miracle). All-in-all we had 5 investigators at church. Our baptism commitment,Jasmin, brought 2 people with her. She is such a great example to everyone around her and I know her baptism is going to bring even more miracles!

We have definitely felt increased opposition with this upcoming baptism. We are praying members even show as it is going to be more than an hour away for most them. However, Jasmin is still super excited, and she just amazes me everyday.

Today we went to Cortona, an old city up in the mountains. It is beautiful! We missed the bus we were going to take back so we decided to walk around until the next one came. Well... it started pouring  and there was absolutely no place for cover. A man yelled at us to stand under his little restaurant to wait out the rain (We were trying to hide under a balcony... we were soaked). He went inside then came back and had brought us wine. He had already poured us 2 glasses before we could tell him we don't drink alcohol. He then said in English, "but you drink water?" He gave the wine to a nearby couple and then we had to run to catch the next bus. I don't know if he was going to bring us water but he was super nice! So it turns out that the bus to take us back looked nothing like the bus that took us there, so we missed it again. And it was still pouring. All of sudden this bus full of people in super fancy dresses shows up. A WEDDING! They let us stand in the bus until ours came. I think the only reason they let us in is because Sorella Jarvis and I were singing "Singing in the Rain". We were able to tell them about our missionary work. I should have told them about the Rome temple...

Yesterday there was an Europe Area Women's Conference. Anziano Bednar and Anziano Ballard spoke along with many other speakers. It was amazing! We had to go to Firenze to watch it so we had to leave before either of the apostles spoke but it still so great. It made us feel so connected to the church . Sometimes Italy feels so disconnected. They don't even have quads in Italian... haha -- ok little thing :)

This week I have studied charity a lot. It so important to remember that everyone around us is a Child of God. They may be hard to work with but charity isn't easily provoked and we have to be patient. God is patient with us and all the silly things we do. I am so thankful I have been able to see people in a new light here as a missionary. It is amazing to see people as our Father in Heaven sees them. Every soul is precious!

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin







The downpour in Cortona!

Cortona and the rain!

Soaking wet in Cortona!


Reading with our new convert!

Reading with our new convert!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rule 17: Everyone picks on the new kid

September 3, 2014

Rule 17: If you have a one in 30 chance to show off your Italian skills in your very first zone conference you can almost guarantee you will be picked (even if it is a computer choosing).

We had zone conference! It was amazing! It really was the spiritual uplift that I needed! President and Sorella Dibb are so amazing and they just love us so much! 

Rule 13: Don't accept referrals from anziani who have cars. Sorella Jarvis and I have decided that Trek is actually mission prep for when anziani give you referrals on the hottest days of the summer. Luckily the weather is getting really cool here.

Our miracle this past week is that we got to meet with one of our past investigators twice! She is the mother of one of our new converts and has actually been to church a few times. I met her for the first time on scambio with Sorella Hoffman. She finally let us see her this week. She was really open with us. She knows that baptism is a big commitment and I really respect that she knows she isn't ready yet. She said she will prepare for October. Since we set this goal I have seen things in her life improve. The lessons we have with her are some of the most spiritual experiences I have had on my mission. It is so wonderful to find someone who is honestly searching for the truth.

Jasmin update: We just have a couple more lessons to teach her. She is AMAZING. She is such a great example to her friends. She has such a big heart. When she found out that my birthday is coming up she started planning a HUGE party. Yeah... my companion and I are still trying to explain why we can't have a huge party. 

One of the Sorelle that is going home after this transfer shared her testimony at zone conference. I want to share something she said. She loves sports so is a sports analogy. The mission is game time. You had 19 years to be with coach but now its up to you. Coach can't play. It's against the rules. We can't always hear coach but He trusts us. Sometimes we feel alone whether it be on the mission or not. It doesn't necessarily mean that we are being punished. Sometimes He just wants to see what we can do.

Vi voglio bene!!!

Sorella Hamblin

Zone Conference

Sorella Hoffman & Hamblin together again!

Sorella Hoffman & Hamblin!  Allen girls serving in Italy!

YEA!  We didn't have to cook!  Sorella Jarvis & Hamblin

Such a Dani picture!