Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rule 263: Let Go of the Banana!

September 2, 2015

Rule 263: Let go of the Banana!

The Elder Kearon Conference last Wednesday was absolutely wonderful! It was exactly everything I needed. It amazes me how the Lord always knows exactly what I need. I don't know if any of you have ever heard Elder Kearon speak, he is an excellent speaker and a very humble man. He is guided by the Spirit as he speaks. He is also British so that wasentertaining too! One of my favorite things that we talked about was "attacking the day", starting the day off right. Everyday must start with a sincere, powerful prayer. How we start the day results in how the whole rest of day goes. If we drift through the morning hours we will find ourselves drifting through the whole day. We also talked a lot about realintent, choices, and action. Everything we do in missionary work (and in life) needs to have real intent behind it,whether it be finding, teaching, or studying. Like Elder Bednar discussed, we talked about how our agency allows us to be happy in any circumstance. Happy is a choice! And lastly, action. Elder Kearon is an action man. I loved this council he gave about note taking. He said instead of writing something in your study journal like, "change badhabits" instead actually write the action you are going to do like, "stop waking up late". He said today is the day to decide to change and actually do it! I agree! It has been a week since the conference and Sorella Besco and I have alreadyseen our days change dramatically as we have decided to attack each day. I am very happy with goals and changes we made to be more efficient and dedicated servants of the Lord.

We were one of the lasts to leave because the conference was held here in Modena so we stayed to clean a few things and then my bike had a flat tire again so it took us a couple minutes to get off. When we finally got everything set and hopped on our bikes Elder Kearon sticks his head out the door and yells at us "Thank you for all that you are doing! Keep it up!" It was just something so simple but it kept me smiling for that whole day.

After our conference on Wednesday we had dinner with Alice. She got back this summer from a foreign exchange program. She had stayed with a Mormon family and one of the brothers of this family came to visit this past week. So we got to meet her American brother! Even cooler they both came to church on Sunday. We aren't sure what Alice thoughtof it but we praying that she felt the spirit.

Last Tuesday we had a lesson with our most progressing investigator. We wanted to make sure she understood the importance of the Book of Mormon. As we were teaching, she starts to bear a beautiful testimony on the Book of Mormon and she knows it is true. On Sunday we were talking after church and she was telling me how all the talks and the lessons were answers to her prayers. I thought to myself, she got so much more out of church today than most members ever do. Unfortunately she is unable to be baptized at this moment because of some difficult circumstances but I am so thankful for her example of humility and courage. This Ward needs her. She is so strong and I have never had an investigator who just "gets it" like she does. We are praying that everything will work out for her.

Marta finally said she wants to be baptized! Unfortunately she is going to Cuba for a month. We are trying to make it possible that she can go to church while she is there.

Sunday night we were doing some finding near the church. It was pretty hot outside so there was no one outside. We passed this one family but there was a man with them that had yelled at us while we were on our bikes earlier. We decided to pass by them. However, after a couple of minutes we realized there was absolutely no one else outside.  So we decided to go back and try the family. They were very nice. As soon as we told ask them if we could show them a video about Christ the man who had yelled at us left. It was so great talking to the family. No, in the end they didn't want to learn more about the church but they said they were grateful we stopped to talk to them. The dad said sometimes you just need to be reminded of these things, you need some renewed hope. I loved talking to this family about Christ and who Jesus is to them. The spirit was there. I know it's not the "coolest" mission story, but it's moments like these that make the whole mission worth it for me. The missionary purpose is to help people come unto Christ. Sometimes we do that in just the smallest ways. I know Heavenly Father led us to that little family. I know He loves all His children. He remembers each and every one of them and He knows what they need. If I can be an instrument to help His children, even in the smallest ways then my mission is complete.

Yesterday one of the young single adults took us to an appointment that was really far. It was so nice to get to talk to her and get to ask her questions about her life and the ward. I realize here in Modena it is the GANS (the young single adults) that keep this ward together. They are the life and heart of the Ward. I think it's weird now that sometimes in America they pull out the YSAs and make their own ward for them. I understand why they do that but I don't it think would work here. They need their YSAs. I am so thankful for them and all that they do. All of them are such amazing examples to me.

Through the ups and the downs I am so thankful to be here in Modena. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I hope  school is going well for those who just started and hope mom and dad, you get over your colds!

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!!!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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