Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rule 349: Don't Do Anything Italian Boys Do On Bikes!

September 16, 2015

Rule 349:  Don't do anything Italian boys do on bikes!
 Rule 350: Keep your toes away from the bicycle wheel!

Bike crashes, hospital visits, and Lost wallets, oh my!
You may say we had a bit of crazy week. It all started when Sorella
Besco says last Wednesday to our new companion Sorella Yonk,
"hopefully you don't get into a bike crash on your first day like
someone else did" (Sorella Besco had a really bad crash her first day).
Well we forgot to knock on wood or touch iron and that is exactly what
happened. Sorella Yonk got her foot stuck in the wheel of the bicycle.
I was behind her but I still don't understand exactly how it happened.
Thankfully when it happened a man came and yanked her foot out of the
wheel. We stayed there for about an hour, the anziani brought us some
stuff from the pharmacy and then we grabbed some pizza and rode home
on our bikes. She said it was easier to ride home than to walk.

We are lucky Sorella Besco is a good nurse.
That afternoon Bishop and his wife came and picked us up for our
appointment with Ina. The appointment was so wonderful. We talked
about the plan of Salvation. We weren't able to finish because we got
stuck on the Atonement. Ina was born into a Muslim home so we wanted to
make sure she understood the Atonement really well. She does. She told
us how much strength and hope she receives from her knowledge of the
Savior. The empowering effect of the Atonement is so real. Even if we
don't have physical strength to do things, the Savior can lift you.
Ina is an amazing example to me because despite all the difficulties
she may have, it is her faith that keeps her going.

On Thursday Sorella Yonk was being a super great sport and said she
was fine to go to appointments so we rode to all of our appointments
on Thursday. After our last appointment our investigator looks at
Sorella Yonk's foot and it had swollen, a lot! I mean a lot! Both her
and the member we had brought to the lesson said we had to go to the
emergency room. In Italy it is more common to go the emergency room
than a normal doctor sometimes. Well, with the member and her parents
and Maura and her boyfriend, who drove us to the the hospital, there
were 8 of us all there together. It was fun. For my first Italian
hospital experience it went actually rather smoothly. The doctors were
all really nice and we weren't there forever like everyone thought we
would be.  Good news: nothing broken or sprained! She wasn't allowed
to walk (or ride the bike) for a couple days.

We have had a couple of days when we couldn't leave he house so her
foot could heal. We have been trying to use our time the best we can even
though we can't really leave the house.
My dad emailed me about 1 Nephi 3:7 a couple weeks ago. On church on
Sunday we read the scripture as we were talking about obedience in
gospel principles. As I was thinking about the week we had, it shows just
how true this scripture really is. Heavenly Father ALWAYS provides a
way for us to accomplish what he asks of us! Always! It doesn't matter
if you can't walk. It doesn't matter if there is no money. There is
always a way. We have seen so many little miracles this week and we
haven't even been able to leave the house as much as we would have
liked to. We received an amazing family referral from the sisters in
one city over. When we called this family they were so excited to meet
with us! On Sunday a man called and said he found our number on
Mormon.org and that he wanted to meet with us. We let the anziani have
the appointment but it was still amazing because I have never had that
happen to me on my mission. Mormon.org isn't popular in Italy at all.
Another women called the Bologna phone and said they had given her a
pass along card on the bus and she wanted to know more. Huge miracle!
I know the Lord always provides a way. If we are trying the best we can he will
always bless us. I trust in the Lord's plan and I will strive to do His
will. I am thankful for the examples of my family and friends who have
shown how to endure well.
And if that wasn't enough for poor Sorella Yonk, she left her wallet
on the bus yesterday. I am sitting in the police station as I write this. By some
miracle she didn't loose that much. I am so impressed with Sorella Yonk. She
hasn't complained at all. She has gone through some hard things these
past two weeks and I'm very impressed how she has handled it all. This
weekend should be crazy and exciting as Edoardo, an 8 year old, is
getting baptized on Saturday. Jenny, in Bologna may also get baptized
on Saturday. And then there may be another 8 year old baptism on
Sunday. Should be fun.

Well I think that's it for now...

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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