Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rule 251: P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)

August 25, 2015

Buongiorno tutti! Sorry I'm emailing a day early because we are having a conference with Elder Kearon tomorrow.I'm excited to hear from a general authority and see where we can improve. I have already been inspired with thecontent we have to read in preparation for the conference.

Other than that, not too much has happen this week. We had some ups and downs this week. We had some moreflat tires (I have the worst luck with tires!), and some more dropped investigators. But despite a week more on therough side we are still happy. Something about being a missionary makes it hard to be truly sad. Sure I get frustrated and disappointed but then I remember what I am doing here and why I came and things don't seem so bad. And we didhave some highs this week. On Sunday we had lunch in church. I love our members so much! They mainly did the lunchfor us missionaries and they brought so much food! Of course we brought a dessert and they loved it! Me and my companion have gotten good at making chocolate trifle (basically it's brownies, pudding, and whipped cream). They all complained about the amount of sugar in it but they loved it all the same!

Oh I forgot to mention last week but me and my companion are staying together here in Modena for another transfer! I'm so happy I'm staying here, I wasn't ready to leave. And now me and my companion will be together for our sharedbirthday
! This week as I have read the Book of Mormon I have been reading the war chapters in Alma. I think they are veryinteresting. The Nephites, as long as they are obedient, always win in the end. Even if they go through times of struggle, even if they lose some cities along the way. If they lose a battle they humble themselves, make new strategy, rejuvenatethemselves, and them come back even stronger. I think we need to do the same when it comes to trials in our lives.I love being on the mission because even though I have been out for a while, I still have to constantly humble myself and make new strategies. I know, like the Nephites, if I am obedient I cannot fail. 

Another highlight of the week! Our investigator found a new job! The best part she knows it is a blessing of her comingcloser to Christ!

Blessings really do come when we obey. I've seen them!

Hope you all see some extra special blessings this week!

Vi Voglio bene!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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