Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rule 263: There is Always a Reason to Party!

May 27, 2015

Well the big news of the week is that I'm being transferred to MODENA!!! I don't know much about it despite the fact that it is the closest city to Bologna, all the members say they are going to come visit me. Oh and we have bikes there!!! Yay!!!

After 6 months here I knew I would get transferred but it is still hard to leave and say goodbye. For some reason the only day anyone had free this week was Wednesday. We are spending our p-day hopping from appointment to appointment. I'm pretty sure my companion is overjoyed :) this girl is so focused. The other day we discovered we practically knew nothing about each other materialisty because ALL we talk about is the gospel. I am really going to miss Sorella Distante!  We did some great work together, I know Bologna will continue to grow with her here!

This last week here has been bittersweet. It has been full of little miracles. I have truly seen Bologna change in the 6 months I have been here. I have seen investigators change and also this Ward change. Although  there is still progress to be made I am very excited for how the work will go on in Bologna. The members are more willing to come with us to lessons and are even volunteering. I believe that is what will make the difference here in Bologna and will unite the Ward even more. One member talked to one of our investigators who we have trouble setting appointments with because she is always working. The member told our investigator if she was truly interested in joining the church she would have to make time to meet with the missionaries. This investigator, Loredana, decided she really was interested, came to church on Sunday, and walked up to us and asked immediately when we could come see her this week. Today we're bringing the member with us to the lesson and our goal is to set a date for baptism. I am thankful for caring members who reach out to their friends. I know Loredana will be blessed immensely by this Gospel and I'm thankful I had a chance to meet her and all the other wonderful people here in Bologna. I have been forever changed. I have been humbled and I have learned a lot! I am thankful for the person I have become. Bologna will always be special in my heart because it the place I have grown the most. Saying that, I am excited to go to a new city and learn even more. Even though Modena isn't the coastal city I was hoping for I couldn't be more excited! I hear the ward is wonderful! 

As I am saying goodbye to the investigators and less actives here we have some of the most spiritual experiences. One of my favorites was with Jenny. We asked her if she had prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she said yes. We asked her if she thought she had received an answer and she said she felt a lot of peace and it was like a light went on in her head. It was just so simple. So pure. Honest seekers of truth will find it.

This is the third transfer in a row here in Bologna that we have had an elder finish his two years and go home. Sometimes between missionaries we call this "dying". It can be a little sad if you think about it like this, but if you relate it to the Plan of Salvation it is not sad at all! We are teaching a woman who is more than 80 years old. She loves to talk about the Gospel with us but she thinks she is too old to change.  She is, in her words, "there" (heaven). Well this is just NOT true. Every single second we have in this life has a purpose.  Enduring to the end does not just mean "hanging in there" (Stay by the Tree   By Elder Kevin W. Pearson) until we die. Enduring until the means continuing to come closer to Christ every single day. It is NEVER too late to change. Every single day we need to make a step toward Christ, we need to read the scriptures and we need to pray. We have been reading 1Nephi chapter 8 with a lot of our investigators lately. We have discussed what does the rod of iron mean for each of them. Whether it be family, or scriptures, prayers or hymns, Fede or speranza, we all must hold on fast to our iron rods. Along the path there may be mists of darkness, but if we keep moving forward holding to the rod we will get through the tough trials in our life. I know we can do anything with Christ!

I wish you all tante belle cose!


Sorella Dani Hamblin

Arrivederci Bologna

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