Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rule 270: No skirt is a "bike skirt"!


First week in Modena: It just feels like a smaller Bologna in some
ways but with a lot more trees! Centro has the weirdest duomo I have
seen in Italy but I like it! They didn't have a lot of investigators
when I got here but the ones they do have are ELECT. I am not exactly
sure where we find investigators this summer, because everyone leaves
due to the nasty humidity here, really it's not any worse than home
but no one has air conditioning. But I'm not worried because I have
already seen some incredible miracles in the short week I have been

This transfer is going to be amazing. I mean AMAZING! The transfer
officially started on Monday, we kicked it off setting a baptism
date with our investigator named Patrizia. It was one of my favorite
lessons that I have ever taught. I had never met Patrizia before but I
instantly felt so connected to her. During her lesson the words just
came. We had set up the lesson last second so we didn't have a lot of
time to plan. I knew exactly what I needed to say. Sorella Bowman and
I worked really well off each other. Patrizia has been investigating
for a year and has been been invited to baptism many times. This was
the first time she flat out said Si! Patrizia is just so humble and
pure and I know she is ready to be baptized! We are hoping her
boyfriend will get baptized with her on June 24th. I loved the lesson
not only because it was so spiritual but also because it was a
confirmation that I am exactly where I need to be, with the companion
I need to be with. I know that President Dibb is inspired for transfer
calls. I am excited to see what lies ahead of us here in Miracle

Another miracle happened yesterday, we had 2 hours in between
appointments free so we decided to do a couple pass-bys of a couple
less actives in our ward. Well no one was home. Even though it was a
holiday and literally no one was outside and everything was closed
(where is everyone hiding :P) well Sorella Bowman remembered that
there was an ex-investigator who lived close to the church so we
decided to go and try to find her. Her name was listed on the outside
so we decided to try to knock the whole apartment building.  After a
couple people told us they weren't interested, we decided to try and
use our iPads to get in a door (iPad Casa Finding!) We pulled up the
Because He Lives video on one of our iPads and tried the next
couple doors. The First Lady said "next time".... Okay we will try her
again :) and the house right after a woman answered the door and let
us in! It seemed like she was expecting us. Her name is Loli and she
is from the Domenican Republic. She actually has studied with
missionaries before so she is an ex-investigator but she wasn't the
one we were looking for! We had a great lesson with her about faith in
Christ. She is wonderful and has such a strong faith! We are seeing
her again on Saturday and she said she would like to come to our
church sometime. As we were walking out Sorella Bowman and I were just
speechless. I am so blessed to see miracles like this happen right
before my eyes, to actually be a part of them. There is no better use
of life than to be a tool for God, to help spread the work of
salvation. The things I have seen in this week have blown my mind a
little bit. Modena is going places. I feel bad because in this mission
this city has a bad representation and there are some really bad
rumors about Modena. I can honestly say there is no where else I'd
rather be. This city is special and there are some really special
people here. I don't know if I will be here for 6 months or 6 weeks
but it doesn't really matter. I am going to do the work God has for us to
do here. I know I have just seen the beginning of these miracles.

My companion: So my new companion is Sorella Bowman! She is from Provo
and her mom is Italian! She is in her 5th transfer. She plays the
cello professionally, in fact her whole family are musicians! She is
super sweet and we connected almost instantly. We have a lot of things
in common even the little quirks we have. She is so patient with my
lack of bike skills and she is constantly fixing my bike!

BIKES: okay, everyone in the whole mission knows that the Modena
Sorelle have some of the worst bikes in the whole mission. For one
thing they our mountain bikes when we need street bikes, our brakes
don't work, the gears don't work, my front tire is always flat, and
the seats are incredibly uncomfortable. Well the anziani were looking
at them on Monday and traded us bikes for the day so they could try to
 fix a few things. It was the best day ever. Even though the bike
was too tall for me all day, it was so nice to be on a normal bike!
Monday evening we switched back. They had fixed our breaks, and gave
us new seats, and even added a rack on the back!  Best anziani ever! Haha
the bikes still aren't fantastic but they are SO much better! I'm so
thankful for a small district here in Modena! Oh and you were probably
wondering.... Have I crashed yet? Yup. Haha the ironic part was that
it wasn't even my bike. It was right after the anziani switched us
bikes and I totally crashed Anziano Guthrie's bike. But my awesome
companion is a pro and just popped the chain back on. I am learning so
much about bikes. The other night we were riding home and as we were
crossing the big street my shoe fell off! Luckily the cars were super
patient as I stopped in the middle of the street, picked up my shoe,
and scooted to the side! Despite how sore and tired I am all the time I
really do love having bikes!

As I look at the year I have been out here I realize that Heavenly
Father really has answered all my prayers. Every single one of them.
He has given me everything I have asked for even if it wasn't the way
I expected. I sometimes don't understand why I am so blessed but I am
thankful to be where I am and doing what I am doing. I wish everyone
could feel how I feel. I don't understand everything and I am so far
from perfect. But I just feel so at peace all the time. I know He is
with me, and He will always be with me.

Vi Voglio un mondo di bene!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

Modena Duomo

Modena Duomo

Modena Duomo

Ipad "Selfie" of Sorella Hamblin and her new companion!
They're on BIKES!

They found a cello!
Sorella Bowman plays the cello!

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