Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rule 219: I miracoli bastano mai!

April 22, 2015

Well we had another beautiful SPRING week here in Bologna! We had an ivvestigator come to church for the first time. I always get really nervous for church because you never know what the members will do. They were great! And our investigator was really impressed with certain members in particular. All in all it was another great Sabbath day. She has become rather attached to us and she came to English class night. We hope to set a baptism date with her before the Anziano Bednar Conference on Monday! 

We are still finding inactive and less active members everyday. Thursday night we met a wonderful women on the bus who was baptized in Firenze and on Sunday we met another family. If we could activate all these members the ward here would be triple the size! That's the goal... 

Sorry for the short email this week but know that I am loving being a missionary, talking about my Savior every day!

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Hamblin

Can you see General Conference in the Background?

Spring in Bologna!

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