Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rule 238: Even Trainer "Moms" Get Flowers for Mothers Day!

May 13, 2015

What a great week we had here in Bologna! Skyping home was great! I loved seeing my family! I can't believe that was my last skype call here on the mission. Oh, and Happy Anniversary today to my wonderful parents! Auguri! 

Well last week in my very small email I mentioned that we found a wonderful woman who lost her home the day after we met her. Last Tuesday, we had a lesson with her and we talked about the purpose of life. We reminded her that she has a Father in Heaven who loves her. We challenged her to pray and rely on her Lord. The next day we had another appointment in the park. When we got there she wasn't there. We called her and she said she found a home (talk about instant results ;) ). She said "The prayer worked, the prayer worked!" She said she could't come to our appointment because she was at her new house! Bu,t she asked that we have another appointment the next day. Well.. she didn't show up but I still have hope that we will see her again. I know she was touched by the prayer. Sorella Distante and I are very grateful for this miracle and we are praying that we will see her again real soon. 

We have an investigator who is slowly but surely progressing. She came to church for the third tome on Sunday! Yesterday she bore testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was such a wonderful moment. She is changing and is starting to realize that it isn't us as missionaries that are helping her, but it is actually the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sorella Distante and I are starting to see some real progress in this area. One of our less actives who really wants to go to the temple is making huge progress in her reading of the Book of Mormon. She is at Mosiah and just started a week or two ago. She said that before she never liked to read the Book of Mormon but something has changed this time. 

The Book of Mormon really is the key. Prayer is important for us to communicate our thoughts to Heavenly Father. But it is through the Book of Mormon He talks to us. We need this spiritual nourishment every single day. Every single day. The Book of Mormon changes lives. I have seen it. It really has changed my life. I am thankful for the power of the gift of the Book of Mormon.
Have a wonderful week! Go read the Book of Mormon!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

My flowers for Mother's Day!  
When you train a brand new sister missionary, they call you their "mom".

Streets of Bologna

Skyping for Mother's Day!

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