Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rule 300: Be careful who you pray with!

June 17, 2015

This week we have had some high highs and low lows. But mostly highs!

First off THANK YOU for the prayers for cooler weather. I know the
weather here in Modena cooled down this week because Sorella Bowman
and I have great families praying for us back home! The weather was so
nice this week!

We had zone training last Thursday in Verona. I love trainings because
there is always something you can work on and President always seems
to know exactly what we need.

On Sunday absolutely everyone canceled on us so we decided to try a
new finding technique. We took Sorella Bowman's cello to the park and
she played while I talked to people. It was my favorite finding day
ever! People were so touched by the music and it really brought the
spirit. It was so easy to approach people because the music literally
was our icebreaker. We touched so people in the short time we were
there, I wasn't able to talk to everyone I wanted to. One of my
favorite people we met that night was a woman who is a musician but
she just had an accident and can't play anymore. I felt like we were
supposed to be there at that time really just for her. At first she
didn't want to talk about religion at all but the more she listened to the
cello the more open she became. It was so incredible to watch. She needed
to hear that. We are going to see her again in the coming week.

Big miracle of the week: we got a referral from the office this week
of a woman that lives an hour from Modena in a paesino called
Camposanto. When I called her the other day she started  talking to me
like she knew exactly who I was and she immediately asked when we
could come over to find her. That never happens so I was pretty
shocked but we set up an appointment for Tuesday. Well as soon as we
met her we knew that she was special. She told us that she had been
taught by missionaries before and that she has been going to church in
Reggio Emilia but in February her health problems got worse and she
had to stop. She still has really good friends in the Reggio ward.
She is AMAZING. When her grandson comes over she tells him to read her
the Book of Mormon. Her family is all Muslim but when he turns 18 she
wants him to make his own choice. When she is bored she goes on the
church website and reads talks or watches videos. Wow!  She has so many
trials in her life right now but she has such strong faith. She knows
that if she trusts in God she will be blessed. With all her health
issues she may not be able to come to church for a couple of weeks, but
she wants to come! One of the coolest parts is that she said I
reminded her of one of her missionaries, Sorella Killpack. She said
when I called on the phone she thought I was her. Then she saw me and
couldn't stop telling me I looked just like her. I know the Lord put
me here in Modena for a reason and this woman is one of them. I am
amazed at the miracles we see every day.

Love you all so much!

BIG AUGURI TO MY MOM! Happy Birthday!!! I am so blessed to have the
best mom ever!


Sorella Dani Hamblin

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