Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rule 304: Cherry and Apple Cake Picnics are the Best!

June 24, 2015

We had quite week here in Modena; we hit some  high highs and low lows. Despite it all Sorella Bowman and I are
 as happy as ever. Why? I'm not exactly sure... But I just feel so happy all the time :) 

On Sunday there was a GANS (young-single adult) activity. For the activity we sat in a circle and had to say a
quality we liked about each person in the circle. All the GANS said the Sorelle (us) were always smiling,
always happy, and it seemed like we really enjoy what we are doing!  It's the truth, I love being a missionary!
One person even called me efervencent... I learned a new word :)

So today my tire exploded so we have had an interesting day. (Hence the very short email)
Luckily the anziani let us use their bikes so we could go grocery shopping.

Love you all!

Sorella Danielle Hamblin

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