Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rule 288: Beat the Heat! Get Gelato!

June 10, 2015

So the first line of my mom's email was Summer is Here. That couldn't
be more true. Luckily yesterday and today have been pretty cool.
Sorella Bowman and I have been dragging the fans around the apartment
and have been trying every gelateria in Modena to beat the heat.
Modena is more humid than Texas! Everyone tells us that it's just
beginning!  Pray for Sorella Bowman and Me!

We are continuing to see miracles every day here in Modena. Our
investigator Marta came to church! She is a bidante and works every
Sunday. This last Sunday her boss gave her a day off and she was able
to come to church with her sister who is a member. It turns out a lot
of the members knew her already including our Bishop here in Modena.
She was so happy to be in church and to feel the spirit so strongly. I
know this has helped her desire to be baptized. We are trying to find
a solution where she can come to church and still work. I am so
thankful to be here in Modena working with these wonderful people.
I am still learning how to ride my bike. It changes gears randomly and
I never know when my brakes will work but I'm pretty good and finding
other ways to stop ;)

I am learning each day how great God is. His plan is perfect. He knows
us perfectly. Life isn't easy but it isn't supposed to be.  I am
amazed at how every thing that happens in my life I am able to learn.
It is amazing how every person is so unique and what I am supposed to
learn isn't the same as what you are supposed to learn. We are all
improving in our unique way. We are becoming like God in our own
unique way. I love it!

Sorry for the short email this week just know that the work is going
great and I am loving it here!

Love you!

Sorella Hamblin
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