Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rule 70: Namaste' (yes, I mean yoga)!

October 22, 2014

Ciao Cari,

Last week I wrote about a woman who stopped us on the street Wednesday morning. We set an appointment with her that night. When we came by her daughter was there. They both had a lot of questions about our religion. They both said that they want us to keep coming and the daughter says she will be baptized if she finds out it is true. These two were definitely prepared. My favorite part of the miracle though is the reason Chetti (the mom) decided to stop us. She said that one of her really good friends is the lady that works at the Gelatteria that we always pass by on the way to the train station. We always make sure to say "hi" to her and we have had a chance to talk to her for a couple minutes. This lady told Chetti to talk to us because we were really nice. Months of saying "hi" to woman helped us find two people who were ready to listen. The Lord really does work in small and simple ways.

It's my last week with my dear Sorella Russell. She goes home next week and I am going to miss her a ton!  We are preparing for Susan's baptism on Saturday and we finally have a good teaching pool. I wish we could just stay together and work together for a few more weeks.

We just finished another scambio with Pisa. I got to be with the one and only Sorella Cassandra Hoffman again! Whoo Hoo! It was fun to be in Pisa again. I know the church is true because the Lord did not give me a bike area for my first area. I ran into a car... and a person. Let's just say my balance skills are zero. But there were no injuries so I would say that was a success. But really, I felt so bad, I think tourists try to get hit sometimes. We ended our scambio going to a yoga class taught by one of their investigators (see pics). I may or may not just have fallen in love with yoga. My body feels so much better. Okay Dad, I finally see the light. 

This week was another one filled with tender mercies. I love this work. I love my mission. Haha I am surrounded with so many good missionaries that are going home soon. All they tell me is not to take this time for granted! I am trying to enjoy every minute!


Sorella Dani Hamblin

Sorella Hoffman and Dani at Yoga Class

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