Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rule 56: General Conference = Missionary Christmas

October 8, 2014

Ciao Tutti!

I hope you all got to watch General Conference this weekend. From the missionary emails I've read I think that I can speak for most missionaries when I say that Conference weekend is like Christmas here on the mission. I was able to watch all except the last session in Firenze, because we weren't able to show it at the hotel our branch meets in. All the talks were absolutely amazing! I loved the temple focus of the women's conference. What amazing blessings temples are. Thanks to temples we are able to have such an eternal perspective that other religions are not able to have. We know we have a goal to work towards. We know we can be with our families forever and we know how we can! 

Another theme I loved from conference was that of personal revelation and personal responsibility. In the world today we have more responsibility to stand up for our beliefs and be a light to the world. I feel bad I don't know the name of the speaker, but I absolutely loved the talk that was in Spanish. We are planning to show his talk to a few of our investigators who speak Spanish. It will be nice to show them a talk that isn't translated. 

The work here is still moving. Some days all of appointments fall through, the next day we are running down the streets to make it to all of our appointments (I personally like these days more). We are really trying to find some more people to teach. In Zone Training on Monday I found out that Finding is the universal problem in missionary work. I think it is hard sometimes because it can be discouraging and sometimes it takes courage to talk to random people on the street. But I have such a testimony that God really does put people in our path and we will not find them if we do not open our mouths. 

I know this Gospel is true and I am thankful for every second I am out here doing this work. 

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin

P.S. SO random exciting news: I won a jar of peanut butter in zone training! Haha best day ever!  

The Italian's don't know what they are missing!  YUM!

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