Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rule 207: Pasqua is the Most Important Holiday!

April 8, 2015

What an amazing week! So much has happened I know I am not going to come close to remembering all the wonderful miracles we have seen this week! 

Well first things first: PASQUA!!!! (or commonly know in America as Easter). What a wonderful Easter/Conference Weekend! They weren't going to show General Conference here at the Bologna church but I convinced them to. We were able to get a less active and an investigator to come watch with us!  I watched some in Italian and some in English! It was cool to be able to watch in Italian and understand everything, but I liked hearing the apostles actual voices. We weren't able to see the last session because it aired too late here in Italy. However I loved every single talk. I could never pick a favorite because they were all wonderful. I loved how a few people talked about Adam and Eve because we have quite a few investigators who don't understand the Fall. We are excited to use these talks with our investigators and less active members.
We also had a scambio (exchange) with the Verona sorelle (sisters). I went to Verona with Sorella Marostica. However we got stuck in Bologna for an extra 2 hours because we missed our train... twice! Um so the first time was because we had gone to the wrong binario (umm platform? is that English?). The first time we missed our train we decided to do some finding. We talked to 3 amazing people! One guy for so long we missed our second train. After we missed our second train we helped a nice women take her bags to the bus station. We saw so many miracles in those 2 hours we know we were in the right place, the right city at the right time. This scambio was my absolute favorite. All the lessons and the people really helped me and I felt like I helped them. Can I also say Verona is my favorite city in all of Italy. It was beautiful! And so quiet compared to Bologna!  I rode a bike like a pro! Dad can be proud of me! 

In other great news my companion and I reached President's challenge to teach 21 lessons this week! I love my companion and her work ethic. I know we will see many more miracles this next week. I will try to learn to type faster so I can share them all!!!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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