Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rule 203: He Is HERE! Don't Forget It!

April 1, 2015

What a week!  As we were walking to the internet point today I was talking to Sorella Distante and all of a sudden she wasn't there. I turned around and there was a woman talking frantically to my companion. I walked over to where the lady was thanking my companion for the work she was doing. She had such a beautiful testimony of the Savior. She told us that she has a daughter our age and she is lost. We asked if we could meet her daughter and she readily accepted. I know God led this woman to us today and I am thankful for her strong testimony. It strengthened mine. 

We are seeing some really sweet miracles with the Perche Egli Vive (Because He Lives) video, especially with the less active members in our ward. We met a woman that hadn't come to church in over 10 years for the first time last Saturday. She expressed how she felt alone. She said her family, mother and sister, don't talk to her because she doesn't come to church. Her children aren't members and won't come to church with her. She doesn't know the Ward so she is scared to come. We told her we could come with her!  We were able to share the new video with her and we were able to discuss the miraculous love of our Savior. We did not know the theme of the video would be that He is here. I am so thankful for this video. It was perfect for her. She came to church the next day. It was such a spiritual experience. As she grows stronger in this gospel I know she can help her children embrace the gospel as well.

Yesterday we had an appointment with a lady we met on the bus. We knew she had some contact in the past but turns out she was baptized! She's a member and we didn't even know it. She didn't even know it! It was a miracle that we found her because we just decided to talk to her on the bus. I know the Lord led us directly to her because I remember I was sitting by a lady but I had a strong impression to tak to the lady behind me instead. It was Evelyn this wonderful member! The Lord really does guide every single footstep.

I am thankful for all the tender miracles we are seeing here in Bologna. Sorella Distante and I are beginning to see that our work here in Bologna is with the less-actives in this Ward. There are so many. We have 8 that we meet with and we are meeting 3 new ones this weekend. 3 of them came to church on Sunday! I know the Lord doesn't want to lose a single one of His sheep. I strongly believe that it has been a struggle to find progressing investigators here in Bologna because the Lord wants us to focus on the less-active members first. This Ward can be greatly strengthened by these members coming back to church.

Another wonderful miracle this week was an investigator telling us that she does (eventually) want to be baptized. Sorella Distante and I have been inviting everyone! She has some family issues but she knows that this church is true. I am thankful for the power of the Spirit.

I am excited for this Conference Easter Weekend! I love this church. I love the prophet! I love Easter! And I love my Savior! He is here with us. I know this with my whole heart. And I love being a missionary and telling everyone that He lives and He loves us. There is no better thing in the world!

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin

Sorella Distante and I on the streets of Bologna

Italian Easter tradition:  Making a cake shaped like a dove...

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