Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rule 140: If Elders offer you shoe glue, it is time to get new shoes!

February 4, 2015

Another great week here in Beautiful Bologna! It got cold! We got my companion a new coat and utilized our new-found talent of making hot chocolate!  The week went rather well :) 

We stay really busy but mostly because it takes forever to get from place to place. We want to petition for a car :P Haha, but I love the people we are working with. We are making some real progress with some of our less-actives. One is coming to the baptism of Angelica (8 year-old) this Saturday.

On Saturday we went to an appointment we had set up with an old investigator named Nella. When we got to her house we didn't know which doorbell to ring. Both Sorella Hogan and I felt like we should ring the bottom bell. We did, and a very nice women let us in, but she wasn't Nella. She agreed to let us come back and teach another time. When we tried the next door a man answered.   He wasn't Nella either. After talking to him for a while we found out that he was a member of the church! He said his 2 year old daughter was named Nella... Hmmm, not the woman I talked to on the phone. Then he said there was a woman named Nelli that lives with his family. Ecco! Nelli wasn't home. He and his wife are not even on the ward list but have both been baptized. We were able to set a return appoint to visit their family too. I know the Lord leads us exactly to where he needs us to be.
We also had a cool experience on our way to church on Sunday. The week before on the way to church we met a woman named Maria from Romania. She was interested and took a Book of Mormon in Italian. We set up an appointment with her for Saturday. Friday night we called to confirm but she said she couldn't meet us because she had talked to her priest and he said we were evil (more or less). We were so sad (had to take a gelatto break). Sunday morning my companion grabbed the Romanian Book of Mormon right before we headed out the door. And even though we were running late... we saw her! She tried to avoid us but we knew we needed to talk to her. After bearing our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and telling her that we had brought the Romanian book just for her, she took it. She said she would read it and we would talk next week. I know she is scared because of the things her priest told her. I also know she felt the Spirit when we talked about the Book of Mormon. I am praying she pays attention to the those feelings. 

In other news... I wore holes in another pair of shoes. It was so bad all the Elders noticed at district meeting. Luckily it is saldi (sale) time so I was able to buy new shoes today :)

I hope you all have a wonderful warm week!

Sorella Hamblin

Sorella Hogan and Sorella Hamblin

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