Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rule 136: Angels walk with us!

January 28, 2015

New transfer, new companion. I am now with Sorella Hogan. She is just in her 3rd transfer but I have no shame in saying she is better than I am in the language. She sounds Italian when she speaks, and she has the best accent. Her trainer was Italian and taught her so well. Another amazing thing about Sorella Hogan is that we were meant to be companions. Her ancestor Llewellyn Harris served his mission at the same time and place as Jacob Hamblin. We like to think they have been with us this past week as we have seen some sweet miracles. We have talked to some amazing people who have sincere interest. We are really working on being consecrated finders. People have been coming up to us, it is like I'm a greenie all over again. 

The other day we gave a man a Book of Mormon and that night he called us and told us he read it and wanted to talk about it the next day. We brought the elders because we are not supposed to teach single men. It turns out he was Muslim and all he wanted to do was argue. Okay, miracle gone wrong. But I really learned a lot from the experience. We cannot force people to feel the spirit. I was teaching with 3 other experienced missionaries and the man didn't budge at all. Some people are just too far gone. We all have our agency. We are here because that is what we wanted. I left that encounter at peace because he was doing something he was passionate about. I am sad that he didn't decide to read the Book of Mormon with an open mind but I am glad he is passionate about his religion. 

The Plan of Salvation really is amazing. I know it is true!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Hamblin

My new companion, Sorella Hogan...

Ready to climb some stairs at the Tower Pendent di Pisa in Bologna

Lots of stairs!

Just keep climbing!

Made it to the top!

I love photography!  These are the days I wish I had my good camera!

And of course I love the architecture!

And the view of the City!

Bologna is famous for it's towers!

Loved all the views from the tower!

Love this City!

Sorella Pavich and me eating gelato!

Sorella Palmer and me!

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