Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rule 121: Meditiation and Missionaries don't mix!

January 14, 2015

Okay well I never thought Rule 121 would ever be rule, but I learned my lesson this week. On the way to zone training last week we met a nice man on the train who asked if we taught English class in Bologna. We have been working so hard to build our English class!  We were so excited someone asked us about it. This man had actually met with missionaries back in Silicia. He is Buddhist so we had a good conversation talking about our religions. We invited him to come to English class a little bit early so we could teach him the Restoration beforehand. He said he would if he could teach us how to meditate. I thought meditation was just sitting and saying ummmmmmm for a long time... it's not. Well we invited the elders to come to the lesson but they couldn't make it, luckily a member was able to come. Well when he tried to explain how to do meditation to us my comp. and I quickly realized it was a bad idea. It involved shaking and dancing... it was pretty awkward explaining to him we couldn't do it. Maybe after the mission I'll look into it ;) He went back to Silicia this week and I hope the missionaries find him down there. 

We started teaching a homeless lady named Maria this week. She can barely understand Italian but we were still able to have a really good lesson. I am thankful for the Spirit that can overcome language barriers.

We have really been trying to talk with everyone we see. The other day we were on a really crowded bus after we were cancelled on... again. Sorella D'Ambrosio accidently bumped into someone. It turns out he was really nice and we easily were able to start a conversation with him. We ended up talking to him for 10 minutes but then he suddenly hopped off the bus. We were able to give him a pass-along card but weren't able to ask for his contact information. We both knew we had to get it. At the next stop we got off and ran back to the last stop. The stop felt like it was miles away, and I was holding a plate of brownies!  Amazingly,  he was still there! He probably thought we were pretty crazy, we even gave him a brownie, but he was really nice. We haven't heard from him since then, but we know we did what the Lord asked us to do that night. I am thankful we decided to get off the bus when we did. 
Everyone asks if I am warm enough. Amazingly this week has been beautiful, or maybe I am just getting used to it. But thick tights, scarves, and hot chocolate get me through the coldest days. I can't complain! Thank you for all the prayers! 

I got to eat some traditional Bolognian Tortellini this week! Yum :) Bologna is famous for its tortellini and Lasagna. I'm in a good place!

Lastly, today I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission. Today also marks my 8th month mark. Before the mission I would have thought I would have read the Book of Mormon through 8 times by now. And there are some missionaries that have. But I wouldn't have done it any other way. I know I read at the pace for a reason. God really does speak to us through the this Book. Every single day I read exactly what I needed to hear for that day. Every single day! Of course I didn't realize it every single day. But I'm learning. This Book is incredible. Please read it. Rely on it. It changes lives. It is changing mine. I am so blessed to get to testify of it every day. I love getting to carry it with me all the time (even if I do wish we could get the Italian version in paperback sometimes!). I remember my first day on the mission my dear trainer handed me the book and said you get to carry the spada (the sword). I haven't let go since! I love this book! It is true! It is so true!

Love you all, do good things this week, state mi bene!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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