Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ether 12:12

This week has been full of miracles! On Friday we had a goal of 6 lessons. By 5:30 we still had not taught any lessons, but not for lack of trying. No one would talk to us and appointments were falling through. Both Sorella Jarvis and I were feeling pretty down. While we sitting on a bench, waiting for one of our new converts an old lady came over and sat by us and immediately started telling us about her life.  We were about to have a lesson about prayer with her. She just loved us and asked us to come visit any time we wanted. She was our miracle that started it all. Throughout the night we were blessed finding people on the street and even running into two of our simps. I know the Lord blesses effort. Sorella Jarvis and I have been trying to keep up the small miracles and then after every one say a prayer of gratitude. I have learned a lot about miracles since I have been here. They do not have to be grand or huge. They can be as simple as running into an investigator on a train. It is important that we do not let the daily miracles pass by us.

We did not reach our goal of 21 lessons this past week but both me and my companion are proud of the effort we put in. And there is always this week!

I gave my first talk on Sunday!  I was so nevous for my talk because I really want this branch to trust me as a missionary. I had written a lot of things down so I would be able to say them right but when I started talking for some reason I just couldn't look at my paper. I just said what I could and did the best I could. I don't feel like i speak that well at all but everyone keeps telling me that I am doing amazing. The branch president said he understood every word of my talk so I guess that's good haha! The branch president said that my language of the spirit is better than my Italian and I think that is good too! I want to speak this language so bad but sometimes my brain just says no. 

Missionary work is hard but I am learning how to see miracle in everything we do. We are so blessed as missionaries. For example, it has been raining off and on this past week and we only got caught in the rain twice, and that's impressive after the stories I heard at district meeting.  Speaking of district meeting... it was in Siena! And this evening I am going to Pisa to do an exchange with the sister training leaders!

My companion and I had a great discussion the other night. We were talking about how sometimes on the mission you just don't feel like yourself. You want to relax and you feel comfortable with the people around you, but you still just can't be YOU. And we think it is because you are growing so much and changing so much for the better. Sometimes you feel like you have to leave your old self completely behind. But sometime I think it is okay to be Sorella Dani Hamblin. I was called and was worthy to serve a mission because of who I was. And I can bring my talents and old ambitions to my service now. Sorella Hamblin and Dani Hamblin don't have to be two completely different people. As long as you keep it as a good mix. After realizing this I have been much more at ease and I find working with people so much easier. 

Thanks for all your support! Love you all!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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