Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Italy - Week 2 "Mama Mia"

July, 9, 2014

Wow! It feels like a month since I have last emailed. We had New Missionary Training last week and it was amazing! We had an American lunch because it was the 3rd of July. Dont worry I wore red white and blue Thursday and Friday.

It is amazing to me how much my understanding has improved. I still dont talk a lot but I am working on getting up the courage. I wont get better if I dont try! Our goal is to teach 21 lessons this week so I should have lots of opportunities.
I just love our branch so much. They are so patient with me and they are so missionary focused. If every ward or branch had half their missionary focus I think we could double our baptisms. Not even exgagerating. They are wonderful. They are always trying to give us refererals and inviting their firends. I love it. Since the branch has been created (a year ago) there have been 5 baptisms and their are investigators here EVERY WEEK. The work is really moving in Italy. The entire Milan mission is covered with stakes rather than districts which is really amazing for a European Mission.

I still just LOVE Italy. I am bruised, sunburned, and bitten (only bugs!). Oh and a gypsy robbed me on my first day (dont worry mom it was only 1.50 euro, she grabbed my change before I could when I bought a train ticket). And a drunk man tried to hold my hand when we prayed with him (but we still gave his number to the Anziani). But whenever it gets hard, like when we walk for hours and dont get to talk to anyone I just look around me.. at the beautful Tuscan mountains... and think I am in Italy. It still blows my mind. I am in love with the country, the mountains, and the people! I just wish they smoked a little less ;)

MY COMPANION IS PERFECT. She pushes me but not too much and did I mention she is a fantastic cook!

Yesterday before Zone Training we got to see President Dibbs grandaughter get baptised in the Firenze chapel. How many Utahns can say they got baptised in Florence. It was such a good reminder of the goal I have for my simps. (investigators).
It has been an amazing week. So many people have come up to talk to us, everyday! My companion says that is very unusual! Here they call it Greenie miracles! I know it is probably because I am still lacking the courage to approach people, God is leading people to us. I know it wont last forever though so I am really trying to talk to more people!

So much has happened this week but I literally forget everything I want to say when I get to email. I am starting a post card wall above my bed so if you go anywhere this summer send me a card and I'll send one back.

The work is hard, but I love God and I can do this!

Love you all
Sorella Hamblin

Typical Italian Street in Montevarchi.
With:  Sorella Jarvis

Typical view from the train.

Shopping in Firenze (Florence).

Pizza for lunch!  Yea!

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