Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ciao from Venice!

Yeah so um... I'm in Venice right now!   Never thought that would happen, at least not for like 4 transfers or more. On Monday we were doing fingerprinting to get my permesso and then we got a call that Sorella Jarvis's permesso had been ready for months and she needed to come up to Mestre to pick it up. We left Monday night and stayed with the Mestre Sorelle. When we came up to the questura on Tuesday they had told us the wrong times and told us to come back at 2:00 Wed. (today). So, by a happy accident, we were able to do a scambio with the Mestre Sorelle and then go to Venezia this morning. There are worse places to be stuck in!   Due to permesso problems we are staying one more night in Mestre. We are anxious to go home, it is weird not to be in your area!

Although it has been a crazy couple of days I am thankful for the experiences I have had. Going on a mini scambio with Sorella Lopez was such a blessing. She goes home in two weeks so I was just soaking in all the advice she had for me. Despite all the craziness I know I am supposed to be here right now and have learned some really sweet lessons from my Heavenly Father. I know He is taking care of me and Sorella Jarvis.
We have some met some really cool new investigators this past week. We even made some baptisimal challenges. Even though no one has accepted (yet), I really feel like our area is really promising and I'm excited for what is coming for this branch.

Venice is amazing, we got to go to the islands of lace and glass. I loved it!

It has been an absolutely crazy week and I'm exhausted. Did I mention it's senior week so I had to make all the plans and all the phone calls (Italians don't like texting :/ ). I hate it!  (Haha) But, I know it is good for me. I am just SO tired. But I am loving every second, even the hard times (maybe not the phone calls in Italian, but everything else).

I believe everyone needs to serve a mission. You learn so much - about the world, people, yourself, God, just everything!. Everyday I am thankful for this opportunity!


Sorella Hamblin


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