Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rule 100: Don't sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". Just don't.

December 10, 2014

Well first things first. I'm getting transferred. I'm trying not to be totally devastated about it. But my heart breaks a little more with each goodbye! But meno male, I have almost said all my goodbyes and I am headed to Bologna tomorrow!!! I'm am excited to open the area with a companion who just got done being trained! "Greenie" power! I will tell you her name next week though because I can't pronounce it... let alone spell it :) 

Sorella Hastings and I had such a crazy week. Normal. We had our scambio with Pisa last Thursday. I went to Pisa with Sorella Griffin. She is only on her 2nd transfer but she is a rockstar. Sorella Hoffman came to Montevarchi and helped us set baptisimal dates! That Sorella knows how to work! I am so sad she is going home tomorrow. Then Zone Training on Friday. We talked about the importance of getting the members to share church media (like the He is the Gift video) on social media!! Go do it! Yes, I am talking to you!
Saturday we got transfer news and we have been trying to see as many investigators as we can before I leave tomorrow. What can I say, Montevarchi really is the land of miracles. We set another baptismal date last night with an amazing 17-year-old named Benedetta! She is a friend of Alice, one of the new converts in this branch. She is so sincere. She asked us how we came to know the Gospel is true. We were able to share how we gained our own testimonies and then Alice shared how she gained hers. It was such a simple beautiful lesson. Montevarchi has some great things in store for it and this branch is growing with an amazing speed. There are 5 baptisms scheduled in January and 1 in February. It is truly amazing. What a blessing it is to see the Lord move His work forward. I am truly blessed to have met these people. They have changed my life forever. 

As much as it is hard for me to leave I have such a testimony that this is the right thing. God has a plan for us. If we do His will (cheerfully) we will be blessed. I know there are things for me to do in Bologna. Plus there are Christmas miracles, opening miracles, "greenie" miracles, and much much more waiting for me there! 

If you haven't seen the He is the Gift video go watch it. It is amazing. Think about someone you can share it with and then do it! The missionaries in your area need your help. Trust me! 

Love you all! Stay warm! Find Miracles! Eat chocolate! Do good! Sing a Christmas song or two! And remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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