Thursday, September 18, 2014

Funerals! Baptisms! Transfers! Oh my!

Jasmin was baptized on Saturday!! Sorella Jarvis felt the adversary fighting against this baptism all week, especially Saturday. Because Firenze is pretty far for our branch members, most of them couldn't make it, including the two members we asked to give talks. The anziani were great though and offered to the do the talks. The biggest miracle is that Jasmin didn't feel the tension at all! Right before the baptism she said she felt sick, and we were scared she was getting nervous. But when we asked her what was wrong she said that she had never felt so full of happiness before, it was literally making her sick. The baptism really affected her mom as well. She said it was amazing to watch Jasmin come out of the water! Jasmin brought with her some cousins and another one of our investigators.  She was going to bring two more aunts but the van was full and Firenze is just so far from Arezzo.  Jasmin is an amazing example and I know she is really going to help the work in this area. She wasn't confirmed Sunday, because her mom could't come but she will be this Sunday.

I think I can say with assurance that Saturday was the craziest day of my whole life. First off, I dressed someone for burial at 7am. It was the first time I have seen a dead person, let alone touched one.  I can't believe I did it!  If you know me at all, I don't do medical things -: blood, shots, nothing!  My companion was having a really hard time because we had actually visited the women a few days earlier. I know I was blessed with strength to be able to overcome my fears so I could help. Now everyone in Relief Society thinks I should be a doctor... haha sooo not happening!!!! However the experience ended up being really great and made me really appreciate the Plan of Salvation. It wasn't a a sad experience which was really cool.  Afterwards we headed straight to Firenze to prepare for the baptism. On the train we got a call from President.  Sorella Jarvis is heading to Rimini tonight to be Sister Training Leader and my new companion is Sorella Russell who only has one transfer left. I will meet her tomorrow and I am super excited. This means I will most likely be in Montevarchi for two more transfers and I am so excited about that! 

As far as the baptism, a lot of things fell through last minute but it was a good experience for Jasmin, and that is all that is important. She really is one of the most elect young women I have ever met! President Dibb always says our little branch has the best young women. It is so true!

Well I am hoping this next week will be a little calmer, but either way I am excited for things coming up. This work is amazing!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes already!!! 

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Dani Hamblin

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