Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love this Work!

We set a baptism date with Jasmin! She is the 12-year-old cousin of our new convert Michel. We started teaching her English and then we got permission from her mom to teach her. She actually asked a couple weeks ago how she could be a part of our church. She has just embraced this Gospel. She takes notes when we teach her and she always has so many questions for us. I just love her so much and am so excited for her. She has given us so many referals, including her mom. She really is the biggest miracle I have seen in my mission. She amazes me every time we teach her. When we set the day for September 13, she realized it was two days before she goes back to school and she said "Good. I'm going back all puuuurrre (in Italian: puuuurrrrraaa)." Haha she is just so excited and it so wonderful.

We have had such a great week. I just love all of our investigators so much. After every appointment Sorella Jarvis and just talk about how much we adore all of these people. We have been blessed to teach some truly amazing and humble people.

This past week EVERYONE has wanted to feed us. I have eaten a lot of Dominican food, and Phillippino food, and I even ate wild boar! One of our investigators told me I was eating lamb... but it was actually just steak!
This week I have been thinking about how wonderfully perfect this Gospel is. Everything about it just makes so much sense, I just wish I could show everyone! I just love my mission, every single thing about it. There is nothing that has brought me more joy in my life than telling people about this Gospel. I know if people really understood how much their Father in Heaven loved them they would never want to do anything wrong again. Even I forget sometimes. But it is this knowledge that changes lives. I feel so incredibly blessed to have it in my life.

Sorella Dani Hamblin!

Jasmin, Sorella Jarvis & Sorella Hamblin

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