Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Grateful Heart

Last week was the Week of Consecration for the Italy Milan mission, and after talking to some other missionaries, it turned out to a be pretty rough week for everyone. Despite cancellations and empty trains we still were blessed with incredible miracles.

One of my favorite miracles this week was on Saturday. It was another day when every single appointment canceled. We decided to go try to find two families we talked to in Incisa during finding. We ended up taking a few wrong roads and we realized we were on the wrong street completely. All of a sudden a car drove past us then just stopped in the middle of the road. The driver started to get out of the car and Sorella Jarvis was saying "Buona sera" when she realized it was Noemi, a simp. from months ago. They had to stop teaching her because her dad made them. Noemi had recognized Sorella Jarvis and stopped her car in the middle of the road to say "Hi". We found out that she has moved out! We can teach her again. I know that the Lord led us to that street so we could find Noemi again. I have only talked to her for 5 minutes but I already love her so much!

Jasmin continues to amaze us. We asked her to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. We come back the next day and asked her what she thought. She said that it means that we have to pray to know the Book of Mormon is true because if we do we can know that everything else is true. Wow!  She is 12 and she just understands so much. When we told that if she didn't stop drinking tea we may have to push her baptism date back she said "NO!!! Okay, I'll quit today. From today on, no more!" Wow!  I am so happy with how much her mom supports her too!
This week I have thought about how important it is to be grateful. Things may be hard,but we always have so much to be grateful for. This gospel and this life is amazing. Always remember how blessed you are.

Vi Volglio Tantissimo bene!!!!

Sorella Dani Hamblin

Checking out the view with the sisters serving in Florence.




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